The Board is chaired by FEFAC President Asbjørn Børsting (DAKOFO, Denmark). Its members are Pedro Luis Cordero Castillo (Vice Chair, CESFAC, Spain), Anton Einberger (Vice Chair, DVT, Germany), Zoltan Pulay (Vice Chair, HGFA, Hungary), Jean-Michel Boussit (Treasurer, EUROFAC, France), Nick Major (AIC, United Kingdom), Dirk Van Thielen (BFA, Belgium), Marek Kumprecht (SKK, Czech Republic), Ian Hutchinson (IGFA, Ireland), Marcello Veronesi (ASSALZOO, Italy), Ruud Tijssens (NEVEDI, The Netherlands), Wojciech Zarzycki (IZP, Poland), José Romao Leite Braz (IACA, Portugal). 

Directors' General College

The Directors' General College meets 4 weeks before each Council meeting to prepare the Council's decisions. It advises the Council on matters affecting the governance of the association.

Animal Nutrition Committee

This Committee advises the Council about the EU legislation covering animal nutrition and feed/food safety. It also provides scientific expertise for the EFSA Risk assessment process relating to opinions on animal nutrition.

Industrial Compound Feed Production Committee

This Committee advises the Council on all EU policy and market developments that impact the economic performance and competitiveness of complete feed production. This includes raw material market issues and livestock market developments, as well as all regulatory issues affecting the production management of complete feeds (for example environmental legislation).

Milk Replacers Committee

This Committee is responsible for the follow-up of the EU legislation linked to public health (safety of by-products from dairy origin and safety of animal fats) and addresses issues affecting the economic performance of EU veal production from a feed perspective due to the increasing vertical integration in the main producer countries.

Premix & Mineral Feed Committee

This Committee advises the Council on all EU policy linked to production assurance of premixes and feed minerals, analytical methods, labelling of premixes and feed minerals, authorisation of feed additives, safety aspects with regard to home mixtures and use of complementary feed.

Fish Feed Committee

This Committee is responsible for the follow-up of the DG Fisheries policy on aquaculture linked to fishfeed, EU legislation linked to public health (safety of fishmeal and fish oil) and addresses issues affecting economic performance of EU aquaculture from a feed perspective including support to EU funded research projects.

Feed Safety Management Committee

This Committee is responsible for enhancing the uptake of good practices for feed safety risk management at compound feed and premixtures plant levels, to maintain the European Feed Manufacturers’ Code for production of safe feed, to foster risk communication and coordinated risk management along the chain and to stimulate dialogue between control authorities and operators.

Sustainability Committee

The Committee provides the FEFAC Council with advice about the EU policy developments on sustainability. The Committee is responsible for developing policy, strategy and communication recommendations in the field of sustainability. The activities of the Committee receive technical support from three Task Forces on environmental footprinting, resource efficiency and responsible supply.

FEFAC Secretariat

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