FEFAC and the European Institutions

FEFAC officially entered the European Commission Register of Interest Representatives in January 2009.

FEFAC experts take part in the following EU Advisory Groups and Civil Dialogue Groups (CDG)

Directorate General for Health and Food Safety – DG SANTE

    • Advisory Group on the Food Chain, Animal and Plant Health
    • Animal Health Advisory Committee

Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development – DG AGRI

  • CDG Common Agricultural Policy
  • CDG International aspects of Agriculture
  • CDG Animal Products
  • CDG Arable Crops
  • CDG Milk
  • CDG Organic Farming

FEFAC provides feed expertise and data to the official, public inquiries conducted by the EU Commission preceding the launch and adoption of new legislative acts affecting the feed industry.

FEFAC provided the vision of the feed sector as regards the future of the animal nutrition science by 2030 and the priority research agenda needed.

In cooperation with DG SANCO, FEFAC has organised a series of major EU feed safety workshops on emerging feed safety incidents including the Dioxin contamination of breadmeal in Ireland in 2009 and in feed fats in Germany in 2011. With the support of DG SANCO, FEFAC organised a feed and food chain meeting for the launch of the European Feed Manufacturers Guide (EFMC) in 2007.

FEFAC takes an active part in the EFSA Stakeholders Platform. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is responsible for the EU wide risk assessment regarding food and feed safety. FEFAC experts have provided data and industry studies in a series of EFSA feed safety risk assessments mainly conducted by the Scientific Panels on Biological Hazards, Contaminants, Feed Additives and Animal Health/Animal Welfare. FEFAC experts provide also their input in the Stakeholders Advisory Group on Emerging Risks. In cooperation with EFSA, FEFAC organised a workshop on the reauthorisation of feed additives in 2008.

FEFAC has been co-organising 16 workshops (between 1999 and 2012 in Italy, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Russia) on HACCP-based Feed Safety Assurance Systems in animal feed production in cooperation with TAIEXthe Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office of DG Enlargement.

In cooperation with the EU Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) and DG SANCO, FEFAC experts contributed to the training seminars for new FVO feed inspectors in 2003 and 2006. FEFAC will also contribute to a new FVO workshop on feed hygiene implementation in May 2013 with national competent control authorities and feed safety assurance partners.

FEFAC experts also participated in the first series of DG SANCO feed safety training seminars for national feed control experts in 2010 and 2012.

FEFAC experts participated in Public Hearings of the European Parliament Environment and Agriculture Committees on animal feed safety and GM food and feed labelling legislation.