December 03, 2019

DISARM Project on AMR

On 3 December 2019, the DISARM consortium presented the key features of their research project meant to support practical on-farm implementation of solutions to reduce AMR via a reduction of the use of antibiotics in the livestock sector. The project is based on the concept that on-farm reduction of the need for antibiotics requires a farm specific health plan established by a Farm Animal Health Team composed of the farmer, the vet, the feed advisor and a coach to assist the farmer in the implementation of the improvement plan in a financially sustainable way.» read more
September 25, 2019

#MeattheFacts: European Livestock Voice sets to balance the debate around livestock production

On 25 September 2019 FEFAC launched the European Livestock Voice campaign in cooperation with like-minded EU associations.» read more
April 24, 2019

The ECJ ruling on mutagenesis requires a change in EU GMO legislation

22 EU food and feed chain organisations sent an open letter urging Member States and the EU Commission to ensure EU legislation allows EU operators of the food and feed chain to preserve access to competitive supply of innovative food and feed ingredients.» read more
March 20, 2019

Feed regulators and industry from around the world discuss critical issues with IFIF and FAO at the 12thIFRM

On 14 March 2019 the 12th annual International Feed Regulators Meeting (IFRM) took place. It is organized by the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) brought together feed industry representatives and government officials from around the world to discuss critical issues facing the feed sector with IFIF and the FAO.» read more
March 20, 2019

Global leaders discuss the future of feed and food at 6th Global Feed & Food Congress (GFFC)

From 11-13 March 2019 the 6th Global Feed & Food Congress (GFFC) took place in Bangkok, Thailand» read more
March 08, 2019

New joint Industry4Europe call for an EU Industrial Policy

On 7 March the Industry4Europe coalition released a renewed call to put EU industry at the core of the EU’s future.» read more
February 26, 2019

FEFAC & ANFNC held a workshop on Biosecurity

FEFAC and its Romanian Member Association ANFNC held on 21 February 2019 a workshop in Bucharest on implementation of good biosecurity practice at feed mills as a contribution to control and prevent dissemination of viruses, against the backdrop of further spreading of ASF in Romanian pig farms. The workshop highlighted a series of practical recommendations from feed industry experts in different Member States how to put in place and to keep current robust staff training programmes, cleaning & disinfection procedures and other risk management measures to prevent dissemination of viruses such as Avian Influenza or Foot and Mouth Disease, which are also applicable to African Swine Fever and other viruses.» read more
February 21, 2019

New leadership for the European Agri-Food Chain Coalition

The Agri-Food Chain Coalition (AFCC) appointed Jacob Hansen, Director General of Fertilizers Europe, as its new Chair. Jacob is picking up the chairmanship from European Crop Protection Association’s (ECPA) Director General, Jean-Philippe Azoulay. He will continue to lead the multi-stakeholder group throughout 2019 to enhance understanding of the European agri-food chain sector’s important role and contribution to an innovative and sustainable Europe in light of the new EU Parliament.» read more
February 08, 2019

6th Global Feed & Food Congress, Bangkok, Thailand – 11-13.03.2019

This year, the theme of the 6th Global Feed & Food Congress will be “The future of Feed & Food - are we ready?”» read more
February 07, 2019

EU-28 agri-food chain makes joint proposals to Michel Barnier in preparation for a Brexit no-deal scenario

Copa and Cogeca, CELCAA and FoodDrinkEurope, on behalf of the entire EU agri-food chain, acknowledge the significant efforts of the EU and UK negotiation teams in securing the Withdrawal Agreement and finalising the Political Declaration. However, EU farmers and food and drink companies are still faced with a lack of certainty over the Brexit process and, this week, EU agri-food chain stakeholders repeated their concerns regarding the possibility of a no-deal Brexit. To this end, at a meeting with Michel Barnier, EU Chief Negotiator on Brexit, and in a follow-up joint letter signed by the three organisations, EU agri-food chain representatives stressed that an orderly Brexit, including a transition period, remains the only way to prevent the UK’s exit from having a huge impact on the agrifood chain.» read more
January 09, 2019

Job offer - Junior Policy Advisor

FEFAC, the European Feed Industry Federation, represents 30 national & European associations defining the interests of businesses active in the area of livestock nutrition at the level of European and International institutions.» read more
January 04, 2019

EISA: Transitioning onwards for Sustainable Agriculture

European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture (EISA) ceases activities» read more
December 31, 2018

Feed & Food 2017

The 2017 edition of the FEFAC statistical yearbook Feed & Food was finalized and edited in December 2018.» read more
December 20, 2018

FEFAC Position of the further development of the PEF

FEFAC has published its position on the projected discussions of the potential future application of the PEF (Product Environmental Footprint)» read more
November 23, 2018

Citizen awareness of EU ban on use of AGPs remains low

The European Commission published an updated Special Eurobarometer on Antimicrobial Resistance in the margins of the European Antibiotic Awareness Day on 15 November 2018.» read more
November 23, 2018

Changes in FEFAC Secretariat

As of 1 November 2018 some changes have taken place at the level of the FEFAC Secretariat.» read more
November 15, 2018

AFCC event on Delivering on the SDGs through Innovation in the Agri-Food Chain

On 28 November 2018, Eva Kaili (Member of the European Parliament) will host an event by the AFCC (Agri-Food Chain Coalition) on the links between agri-food chain innovation and the Sustainable Development Goals» read more
November 14, 2018

European Antibiotics Awareness Day – EPRUMA Statement

15 November is the annual European Antibiotics Awareness Day. FEFAC is a member of EPRUMA (European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals), which prepared a dedicated statement.» read more
November 13, 2018

No confirmation of feed contamination with ASFv in China

FEFAC is attentively following any information related to a possible role of feed in transmission of ASFv. In this context, FEFAC noted that tests performed by Chinese authorities on a suspect feed did not confirm the contamination. This shows that any information pointing to feed as a cause of infection with ASFv must be handled very cautiously, and requires thorough analysis before coming to any conclusion taking into account elements such as the origin of the samples, the actual contamination pathway and at which stage of the chain it could have occurred (feed ingredient supplier, feed mill, transport, farm). » read more
November 12, 2018

Outcome of the Sorghum congress - Milano - 7-8 November 2018

The 2nd International Sorghum Congress took place on 7-8 November 2018 in Milan. This gave an opportunity to discuss the ability of sorghum to compete with other cereals both in terms of profitability for farmers and economic/nutritional interest for users in both food and feed sectors. It was concluded that sorghum has a number of assets in particular in terms of environmental performance (resistance to drought and natural resilience to pest and diseases), safety (low occurrence of mycotoxins) and nutritional value (higher ME value than maize, higher protein content). It was perceived that the reasons why sorghum is no more produced / used is a deficit of communication on the actual economic, nutritional and environmental benefit and the perception that sorghum is rich in antinutritional factors, e.g. tannins, which is no longer the case for EU produced sorghum for more than 20 years.» read more
October 19, 2018

FEFAC - IACA joint event on animal nutrition solutions against AMR on 9 October 2018

FEFAC and IACA, its Portuguese Member Association, organized on 9 October 2018 a Workshop on Animal Nutrition solutions against AMR, hosted by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Lisbon. This was the occasion to update the assistance composed of feed manufacturers and students, on fast development of innovative approaches to help reduce the need for antibiotics via the use of specialty feed ingredients or implementation of feeding strategies. » read more
October 18, 2018

FEFAC Milk Replacers Committee visited the European Parliament

On 16 October 2018 the FEFAC Milk Replacers Committee visited the European Parliament upon kind invitation by the MEP Jan Huitema (ALDE, NL).» read more
October 18, 2018

Industry4Europe website launched

The Industry4Europe coalition has launched a website and social media accounts in light of the European elections in May 2019 to support its call for the agenda setting of an ambitious EU industry strategy.» read more
September 14, 2018

FEFAC Secretary General Alexander Döring wins DVT award

On 13 September 2018, the German Feed Association (DVT – Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung) handed out their award to Alexander Döring for his contributions to the feed industry. It is the fourth time DVT hands out its feed industry award.» read more
September 14, 2018

EP Report on AMR highlights feed contribution to solutions

On 13 September the European Parliament adopted a report by Karin Kadenbach (AT, S&D) in response to the European One Health Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance published by the European Commission in June 2017.» read more
September 07, 2018

ATF conference on 7 November 2018

The Animal Task Force will hold its annual seminar on 7 November 2018 in Brussels on the thematic "Balance Production / consumption - Animal farming for Humans’ well-being and planetary health" » read more
August 16, 2018

Feed Additives Conference 2018

The Feed Additives Conference 2018 will take place on 26-28 September in Amsterdam. This year, the programme is more appealing to compound feed manufacturers, with sessions on feed formulation and scientific advancements in nutrition and specific fees including 1-day tickets are available for compound feed manufacturers.» read more
July 17, 2018

FEFAC makes European Protein Plan factsheet available

The two-page factsheet aims to provide the feed perspective in the light of the development of the European Protein Plan.» read more
July 03, 2018

Industry4Europe coalition proposes governance structure for EU Industrial Strategy

The governance structure paper follows on two previous Industry4Europe papers which have allowed for an informed dialogue to be established with EU policy makers. FEFAC is one of 122 members of the coalition.» read more
June 21, 2018

FEFAC welcomes political agreement on medicated feed

The EU Institutions have reached an agreement on the proposal for a Regulation on Medicated Feed. The deal follows shortly on the adopted compromise that was made on the proposal for a new Veterinary Medicinal Products Regulation, which was part of a package with the Medicated Feed proposal due to interconnections between both, in particular as regards measures against AMR.» read more
June 01, 2018

FEFAC reaction to FAO statement on antimicrobial growth promoters

AMR is a global threat and FEFAC highly appreciates the global work and effort by the FAO to advocate for preservation of animal health and responsible use of antibiotics.» read more
May 25, 2018

FEFAC PEFCR Feed for food-producing animals published

The PEFCR Feed for Food-Producing Animals is now publicly available for download. It received a final positive opinion by the Environmental Footprint Steering Committee on 15 February 2018.» read more
May 14, 2018

FEFAC President Nick Major joins GCF Global Steering Committee

On 1 May 2018, the Governors’ Climate & Forest Task Force launched a Global Steering Committee (GCF) to bring together local governments with international experts in an effort to tackle tropical deforestation. FEFAC President Nick Major has joined on behalf of the European compound feed industry.» read more
April 03, 2018

FEFAC position on deforestation

FEFAC has published its position on deforestation.» read more
March 23, 2018

IFIF-FAO “Feed Manual” featured in WTO STDF publication on safe trade solutions

A new publication by the WTO Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) features 25 stories showing how good practice in food safety, animal and plant health has helped small-scale farmers and processors in developing countries trade more easily and improve their livelihoods.» read more
March 08, 2018

Website GMOinfo.eu launched

On 8 March 2018, EuropaBio launched the website GMOinfo.eu with information about GMOs in 10 different languages.» read more
January 19, 2018

First Sorghum ID board meeting

Sorghum ID, the newly established professional platform for the promotion and development of Sorghum production and use in the EU, held its first board meeting on 18 January 2018 in Paris. On the menu of this first meeting, a focus on the weaknesses and strengths of sorghum as ingredient of animal feed and its potential for development.» read more
December 14, 2017

EPRUMA shows progress in delivering commitments to the responsible use of veterinary medicines

On 5 December 2017, EPRUMA presented its ongoing activities at the European Parliament in Brussels to promote the responsible use of veterinary medicines.» read more
December 11, 2017

The UN SDGs and relevant FEFAC initiatives

FEFAC has published an overview document of how its initiatives link up with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).» read more
October 24, 2017

#Industry4Europe initiative publishes Joint Reaction Paper

The coalition of 119 European industrial associations from a wide range of industrial sectors, of which FEFAC is a signatory, highlight the important contribution of European industry to productivity, innovation and economic prosperity.» read more
October 02, 2017

European Commission publishes EU Industry Policy Strategy

On 13 September 2017, the Commission launched a Communication on “Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry”.» read more
September 20, 2017

Website dedicated to stop promotion of molasses as a biofuel feedstock launched

On 18 September 2017, the website “molasses for food” was launched to call for the removal of molasses from the Annex IX of the revised Renewable Energy Directive. FEFAC is one of eight EU associations that form the coalition (EFFPA, CEFIC, AIBI, COFALEC, Brewers of Europe, CAOBISCO & CIUS).» read more