Environment Report

2nd edition - June 2012

This report was prepared by the FEFAC Task Force on Sustainability, composed of environmental experts of feed companies and national associations of compound feed manufacturers. The first chapter describes the overall feed industry’s vision of sustainability and focuses on responsible supply. The second chapter presents FEFAC activities in the area of harmonization of methodology. This new section features some proposals to overcome methodological hot spots. The last chapter of the report is dedicated to the major political challenges identified by FEFAC at EU level which are the Common Agricultural Policy Reform, the Common Fisheries Policy Reform, the EU 2020 Resource Efficiency Strategy and the upcoming EU Sustainable Consumption and Production policy. The report also provides examples of national initiatives aiming at improving environmental performances.

1st edition - September 2009

The 28-pages report investigates the environment impact of feed production and feed use through 3 main topics, i.e. the sustainable management of feed resources (e.g. impact of soybean production, fishmeal & fish oil production and use, valorisation of by-products from the food and biofuel industry), climate change & energy use (methodology for calculation of the carbon foot print and evaluation of the environmental impact of production and consumption of feed, energy use in feed mills, etc.) and feed safety (detoxification of feed resources, preservation of hygiene status through good manufacturing practices). The report also provides examples of initiatives across the EU aiming at gathering information and also at providing operators with tools to improve their environmental performance.